Ed Mulligan – Recruitment and on boarding process

Nov 30, 2016Testimonials

Ed Mulligan – Comet Stone

Ed is the newly appointed Sales and Marketing Director of Comet Stone. In this video he describes his experience of the TTI Recruitment, Selection, Onboarding & Development Plan process. He fundamentally believes that the way forward for business success and executive high performance lies in this strategic Talent Management process.

Benchmarking what the job requires before advertising – the hard skills, an individual’s behaviours, motivators and business competencies (TriMetrix DNA) – means there is no room for error and it takes human bias out of the equation.


I found the process extremely professional, from applying for the job originally on LinkedIn right through to the on-boarding process and succession plan. It was very beneficial, i know exactly where I have to go, where I’m starting and where I am finishing.”

From there Ed was on-boarded indepthly, and also had a TTI Communications session with the CEO where they both learned how they could successfully interact and work together into the future. This gave Ed real confidence that Comet Stone was invested in him, his future, as well as the future of the business.

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