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Driving Forces Tool

Assessment of Motivation Factors

WHY do I do what I do?

The Driving Forces tool helps to highlight WHY an individual does what they do, what they value and considers important, what engages and disengages them.


This tool offers great versatility in its application for:

  • Recruitment 
  • Better engagement
  • Reduced conflict
  • Reduction of turnover
  • Strengthen teams

Specimen Report

History and Theory

For millennia, men have observed each other and analysed each other to better understand what makes us tick. But this knowledge, based on instinct, did not yet have its own name.

The Driving Forces tool is based on research conducted by German philosopher and psychologist Eduard Spranger . More particularly his work ” Types of men ” in which he attempts to decipher the values ​​of individuals and the impact they can have on their behaviour

In his approach, Spranger highlights six attitudes corresponding to the way we judge or value the world around us. Each attitude can then be expressed as a driving force or a filter for our actions.

Everything you wanted to know about Motivators

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