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We want to help individuals, teams and organisations realize their potential and become all they can be, through our network of accredited professionals, by sparking transformative experiences, utilising world class psychometric assessments and associated tools and interventions, to achieve success across all the critical areas of talent management, for organisations, big and small, by recruiting, on-boarding, developing, and retaining talent, thereby improving morale, performance, productivity, and profitability.

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TTI Success Insights Ireland management and leadership

Hire and promote fully engaged people through the power of competency bench-marking and measurement, to match role and cultural requirements and individuals more effectively, thereby enhancing capacity for superior performance and results.

TTI Success Insights Ireland interpersonal communication

Build high performing leaders and teams through enhanced emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, communications, personal accountability, and self-management, through individual and team coaching and training programmes. 

TTI Success Insights Ireland team building

Manage performance to drive results, through role specific key accountabilities and competency-based development plans.

Client testimonials

At SRI Executive it is the people who deliver, not machines, not platforms. For almost 20 years TTI Success Insights Assessments have been the tools we use to identify and develop talent, allowing us to deliver with energy and fun, to face challenges with mutual support and resilience, as individuals and as a team.

Helen McGardle,

Managing Director of SRI Executive – Search Strategy Leadership.

The TTI SI suite of assessment tools are extremely helpful, providing great insights that enable people to navigate the complexities of human relationships.   Padraig’s guidance and assistance is very valuable and he is always ready to provide support.   We’ve been using the suite of assessment tools for over 10 years and wouldn’t change.

Tricia Cunningham,

Training Manager and Company Director, LEAP

The pragmatic approach you have to using TTI Success Insights assessments as meaningful coaching tools and platforms and the richness of the material content is what stands out for me. You provide the expert guidance, knowledge and support not only at the start, but at regular intervals using a variety of methods.  You regularly seek feedback and input and incorporate it into your approach and content.  You’re always there offering support and guidance when needed.

Ann Keevans,

Senior Director, Human Resources Ireland, Aerie Pharmaceuticals

Working with Padraig and TTI SI added a whole new dimension to my business and understanding of the human psyche. His energy and teaching style is infectious; and he goes over and above to help you be a better person and business leader.

Ray Langan,

Study Skills Coach, School Motivational Speaker and Creator of RAYSE THE GAME Motivational Study Skills Seminars

I was first introduced to Padraig and his team in 2017 and have since then availed of training and accreditation in the ‘five sciences’ offered by TTI Success Insights Ireland.   This training, with ongoing updates, has strengthened my expertise and expanded my capabilities in working with clients across a variety of professions and workplace settings. Padraig’s expertise as a highly experienced and successful businessman lies in his love of learning and his ability to teach and inspire others to achieve their true potential. His generosity  in sharing his vast knowledge and an evolving library of resources is unequalled. As I advance as a practitioner  I am grateful for having a  mentor of Padraig’s calibre on my side.

Teresa Hand-Campbell,

AIBF All-Star Organisational Psychology Visionary

As well as the excellent assessment tools it is the social experience that I value with TTI Success Insights Ireland. The highly engaging workshop sessions and webinars give practitioners the chance to learn from peers, further strengthening the support we provide to clients. The wealth of relevant online resources provided is an essential support tool accessible at a time that suits my schedule.

Martin Shaughnessy,

Head of Talent Management and Development, Concern

TTI Success Insights Ireland set themselves apart by Padraig’s passion for the work that he does. He is the go to person for comprehensive insight and understanding of science based assessments. As a user of their suite of assessments I value the training and after support that TTI SI provide.  The biggest take-away for me is encouragement by Padraig to be the best we can be.  I have realised my value in the work I do, I am inspired to step out of the comfort zone, my confidence grows with each uplifting session that Padraig delivers. 

Catherine Moran,

Mediator and Coach at Contemporary Mediation

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