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Who are we?

Since 1984, we have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, helping deliver awareness of self, recognition of others, and skills to adapt for improved performance.

Today, TTI Success Insights is positioned as a global leader in the field of online psychometric assessments. Our tools are distributed in more than 115 countries and in 47 different languages. Nearly 20,000 HR professionals use our tools every day across the globe.

Aware of the rapid evolution of HR issues, our research and development centre, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has 35 researchers dedicated to the constant improvement of our tools and the development of new assessments.

The Company

TTI Success Insights Ireland has been operating and growing for over 30 years. We have a clear mission and values. We are leaders in the provision of talent management tools for organisations in Ireland, supplying tools that are of the highest validity, reliability and which provide the greatest impact to our clients. For over 30 years, we have researched and applied social and brain science, creating behavioral assessments consultants all over the world use to hire, develop and retain the best talent in the world. With a tenacious, innovative culture, we transform potential to productivity, performance and profits.

The Team

At TTI Success Insights Ireland we consider each employee as a unique individual that we wish to support and enable, to realise their potential. All TTI Success Insights Ireland employees are highly qualified, experienced and competent individuals who are prized within the organisation for their outstanding ethics, integrity, loyalty and their unrivalled commitment to Customer Service.

Padraig Berry

Padraig Berry

Managing Director

Padraig is a Trainer and Business Advisor / Coach, with a life-long interest in human and business performance improvement.

As CEO of TTI Success Insights Ireland, Padraig works with ‘Human Talent Professionals’ who want credible, reliable, science-based tools to significantly improve results for themselves, their organisations, and their clients.
He has specific expertise in one-on-one Coaching / Mentoring of senior leaders, Team Building and Strategy Development. His core strength is energetic communications and through it he brings passion, clarity and focus to individuals and organisations.
Padraig’s purpose it to help individuals, teams and organisations become all they can be.

Ciaran O'Brian

Ciaran O'Brian

Business Development Manager

Ciaran’s business career spans more than 30 years, working in small businesses and large corporations.  He has an MA from Manchester University and is an ICF accredited trained Executive Coach.

His background is in the professional services sector and has held senior roles in the transport, logistics and mobility industries. 

As a certified TTI behavioural analyst he has been helping senior leaders grow their skills utilising TTI Success Insights tools for the last five years.  He is a Master Practitioner in EQ (ILDM UK) and has developed a number of programs around managing with emotional intelligence. 

An avid researcher Ciaran has particular interest in employee engagement and culture in organisations.  Ciaran works shoulder-to-shoulder with executive leadership and HR teams to bring strategic clarity and transformational results to organisations that believe people really make the difference. 

He is a strong believer in coaching to improve performance and to reveal a person’s full potential. His interests are in high-performance leadership and teams.

Our Mission

To provide the world’s leading suite of psychometric assessment and tools for professionals who want to improve human performance across the talent continuum.

Our Operating Principles

  • To only supply tools that are of the highest validity, reliability and which provide the greatest impact to our clients.
  • To always be honest and ethical.
  • To operate based on trust first.
  • To strive for excellence in customer service and to provide a quick, reliable, and dependable service.

The Science of Self

To provide the world’s leading suite of psychometric assessment and tools for professionals who want to improve human performance across the talent continuum.

Our Network

We value and trust our network of distributors consisting of HR Specialists, Trainers, Consultants, Recruiters and Coaches who we continually strive to share information with so that we can mutually develop and grow.

We also assist professionals within organisations in Ireland who use our assessments to accompany their Recruitment and Selection processes and their Learning and Development programmes.

Companies choose to work with TTI SI tools because:

  • BEST IN CLASS: Consistently referred to “best in class” in side-by-side comparisons with competitors in immediate impact and completeness
  • SAFETY: Provide compliance with hiring laws and regulations including EEOC and OFCCP
  • DEPTH: Science-based assessments, in-depth reports integrate behaviour, motivators, EQ, skills and acumen
  • EFFICACY: Highly effective for building teams, hiring or talent training and development that produces results
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Assessments to truly understand job requirements

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