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Training and Certification Benefits – Get Started from €495

Getting trained and certified in our tools is a great step to add more value in working with your team or client and to better understand what TTI SI has to offer!

Training in the tools you use the most has many benefits. It will allow you to:

  • Learn and get certified in our validated sciences DISC, EQ. 12 Driving Forces, Competencies and Acumen Capacity.
  • Our certification trainings are conducted online ensuring accessibility and ease of learning to allow the student to move at their own pace and in their own time.
  • Develop your debriefing and coaching skills in these sciences for improved performance.
  • Increase your ability to hire and promote the right people.
  • Gain qualification to use TTI Success Insights tools with your clients and staff.
  • Build your credibility by showing you have in-dept knowledge of TTI psychometric tools – Be the expert.


To get you or your team members trained you can complete training courses on-demand via our Learn Platform, a virtual training platform. Work at your own pace to prepare for certification or to get a better understanding of a tool. We also offer live coaching one-on-one during this model. Currently, we offer the following trainings:

*Discover our online affordable training – prices starting from as low as €495.

Why choose TTI Success Insights?

As the first provider of multi-science accreditation and assessment in Ireland including the world famous DISC Accreditation, TTI Success Insights Ireland has been accrediting trainers, coaches and consultants for more than 30 years.

TTI Success Insights DISC, EQ and 12 Driving Forces are all internationally recognised accreditations that signifies a person’s understanding of our multi science tools. DISC is a highly sought after designation around the globe. If you are looking for an accreditation process to help you understand and apply the DISC model, our DISC Accreditation is a powerful addition to your qualifications.

The Emotional Quotient (EQ) Accreditation is a powerful addition for any trainer, coach or consultant’s toolkit. The TTI Success Insights EQ Accreditation is an internationally recognised accreditation that signifies a person’s understanding of the TTI Emotional Quotient (TTI EQ) assessment.

Add 12 Driving Forces, Acumen Capacity Index and Targeted Selling Insights and you have a suite of tools like no other. Combined with creating comparison and team reports and our 360 degree assessment, you can see why our passion is developing the world’s potential through our assessments.

Complete and tailored individual reports

TTI Success Insights reports are designed to show everyone’s potential and support the respondent in taking ownership of their results.
We offer context relevant versions of the various reports (e.g. recruitment, development, sales, etc.) to better engage people in their use.

Independent and combinable questionnaires

Each questionnaire aims to assess a specific dimension of personality. Each situation has its need and its tool. You can thus precisely assess the dimensions necessary for the success of your project.
By combining several tools, TTI Success Insights is able to offer you reports enriched in their content by cross-reading the measured dimensions.

Additional tools

In addition to the questionnaire and the individual report, TTI Success Insights offers you additional value added tools to enrich your activities.

Team Wheels and Team Report

for collective support

Job profile and comparison profile

for recruitment and selection assistance

Face-to-face profile

for management or conflict management.

In 35 years, more than 30 million questionnaires have been carried out around the world

Our questionnaires are distributed in 115 countries with 47 languages available

TTI Success Insights is present directly in 58 countries to support you as closely as possible

Quality Tools

Proven Reliability

Our tools are regularly tested and peer reviewed and the results are available to you here. www.ttiresearch.com

Available in 47 languages

Each new language available is the result of a long process to guarantee a translation faithful to the initial version and to keep the meaning of each word in the target language.

Among these 47 languages, 27 have been completely standardized by our R&D center and fully meet the reliability criteria.

Research & Development Center

TTI Success Insights constantly invests in innovation and improvement of the tools offered. With our R&D center based in Scottsdale, Phoenix, AZ, and the supervision of Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, we can guarantee you quality, reliable tools and a company at the forefront of the latest innovations

Let’s make an appointment

Are you interested in our solutions?
Are you unsure about the terms of use or the fields of application of our tools?

Want to better understand how can this fit into your organisation or business?
We will be happy to discuss any of these to help you make the best decision.

Additional services included

Sales Support

To support you in finalizing your proposals and give you advice on differentiating your offering.

Educational Support

Any doubts about reading a profile? A specific question in a Team analysis? We will bring you our insight.


We have designed online courses to allow you to integrate remote asynchronous times into your services.

Certified Resources

We provide you with educational, commercial and marketing materials to inspire you and save you time in building your activities.

Continuing Education

Thematic and in-depth workshops, virtual classes, webinars; So many formulas to allow you to train regularly and ensure you are up to date.

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