Soft Skills Assessment

What skills have I developed?

Are they they ones I need to help me achieve my objectives?

The Competencies tool helps to highlight each person’s acquired skills and offers an in-depth view of an individual’s capabilities.

Competencies (including Job Benchmarking) Online Training

Discover the skills that define your professional persona. Whether it’s leadership, communication, problem-solving, or a myriad of others, your distinct skill set is a beacon of your capabilities

Competencies Unearthed:
Competencies are the pillars of professional success. Unearth the competencies that drive your effectiveness in various roles – from decision-making to collaboration, adaptability to innovation.

Embark on this journey of recognition – recognition not just by others but by yourself. DNA Certification Training goes beyond certifying; it’s a transformative experience that unveils the depth of your professional capabilities. Welcome to the art of demonstrating skills and competencies with distinction.

Competencies Training – On successful completion of the training, you will have the designation Certified Professional Competencies Analyst (СРСА).

Part 1: NA*

*You will complete part one of Competencies in previous trainings.

Part 2: Self-directed learning delivered on a learning management platform.
Comprehensive review of Resources

  1. Build the Competency Model
  2. Use of Competencies
  3. Report Types
  4. Marketing
  5. Your Debrief
  6. Practice Debrief

Decoding Job-Person Match: The Art of Job Benchmarking

Imagine if a job could precisely articulate the qualities it seeks in a candidate for optimal performance. Since jobs can’t express their preferences verbally, we must resort to other means to decipher what’s crucial. Enter the realm of job benchmarking — a process that unravels the unique traits and qualities imperative for success in a particular role.

Navigating the Complexity:

1. Beyond Hard Skills:

While hard skills like education and technical expertise are straightforward to identify, the true challenge lies in uncovering the behavioural, motivational, and professional skills that contribute to superior performance in a role.

2. The Essence of Job Benchmarking:

Job benchmarking is the key to understanding the specific traits that pave the way for success in a given job. It decodes what type of behaviours, motivators, and professional skills are essential, shedding light on the ideal person-job match.

Delivered through directed learning using videos and resources with Face-to-Face Zoom Debriefings

  1. Comprehensive review of Resources
  2. Build the Benchmarking Model / Process
  3. The Case for Job Matching
  4. Key Accountabilities Model
  5. Job Report
  6. Job Talent Comparison
  7. Gap Analysis
  8. Development Planning based on Job/Talent Gap analysis.
  9. Performance Management
  10. Guides
  11. Marketing

To become an TTI Certified Practitioner, you need to:

  1. Complete your personal online psychometric assessment (for the science you are training in) and receipt of report. 20 mins
  2. Complete all the online learning modules on the LMS Platform-approx. 6/8 hours of learning
  3. View all videos related to your course and relevant reading material (supplied) approx 8 hours of learning
  4. Attend and participate in the instructor-led personal debrief session (1 x 90 Mins )
  5. Complete practice debriefing of assigned partner report. (1 x 90 Mins)
  6. Complete and Pass the certification exam with a result of 80% or more. You will have two attempts to pass the exam. You can complete this self-guided program at your own pace and time.


Program Cost-€495 One science.
(Additional sciences cost -Two sciences €890/ Three sciences €1185/ Four Sciences €1380)

Note that you cannot use the assessments until you have successfully passed the exams. This ensures a solid understanding of the material. We are passionate about delivering excellence in our training.

“At SRI Executive it is the people who deliver, not machines, not platforms. For almost 20 years TTI Success Insights Assessments have been the tools we use to identify and develop talent, allowing us to deliver with energy and fun, to face challenges with mutual support and resilience, as individuals and as a team.”

Helen McGardle,

Managing Director of SRI Executive – Search Strategy Leadership.

Specimen Report



It measures developed soft skills and offers a real insight into the skills provided by the candidate.

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Personal development & professional effectiveness

It allows you to know the capabilities of the different members of a team and to match them to roles and organisational requirements.

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History and Theory

This questionnaire allows you to go further in knowing each other . It highlights the skills that an individual has developed. Offering a much more comprehensive approach than a CV or a simple interview, the Skills Inventory provides real knowledge of the respondent’s abilities.

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