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Nov 30, 2016Testimonials

Ronan Flood –

Ronan Flood is an Executive Coach and a Trainer. His work with Senior executives focuses on building high definition and high performance teams.

The challenge Ronan experiences with low performing Teams is one of articulating the problem, it’s clear there is an issue, but no one knows how to explain exactly what that is. For Ronan the impact of using the TTI Assessments is powerful, when the Report is presented on the screen – there is no avoiding it anymore, it’s in black and white, it’s not his opinion, it’s real data.

To any organisation thinking of implementing the TTI Tools, just do it! These tools are the best on the market and they will have a profound impact when building high performance teams.”
Ronan uses the TTI Behaviours and Driving Forces Tools (TriMetrix DNA) to enable individuals to understand themselves, how they communicate, what drives them and where they and their colleagues “fit” best on the team to ensure high performance, at a deeper level.

Once this clarity is attained, there is a baseline for honest and direct communication, for inclusion and adaptability. Once the Team is aligned and people are in the right seats, there is no limit to what can be achieved…

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