The Alternative Board – Developing a Competitive Edge

Nov 29, 2016Testimonials

PJ Timmins – The Alternative Board

PJ is the Managing Director of The Alternative Board in Ireland. TAB is the world’s largest Peer Advisory Board and Franchise system.

In this video, PJ shares his wisdom and explains the impact of the TTI Tools on his business both in Ireland and globally: painting a real life picture of how these metrics can be applied to your business in order to develop a keen competitive edge and enable change going forward.

Tools like TTI are absolutely essential if Irish indigenous businesses are going to deliver the same kind of value as our multinational businesses do and be more resilient, its not just about the percentage of growth, its about the quality of it and how Irish businesses can enable that quality.

He asks the pertinent question that we are all considering as we head in to 2017- are we actually maximising how we find, recruit, retain and develop the most important asset of our business?

Watch the video and hear why PJ considers the TTI Tools “essential” to growing your business successfully.

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