360° Tool

Managerial audit to capture points of view and measure gaps.

How am I doing?

How do my colleagues see me in my role?

By allowing a very comprehensive managerial audit to be carried out, via the comparison of the perceptions of several employees, the 360° tool provides concrete answers.


This questionnaire allows in-depth feedback and coaching work with an individual. It offers an extremely rich field of application:


Better understanding of the functioning of individuals and teams and intervening where and when required.

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Personal development & professional effectiveness

Highlight misunderstandings or erroneous perceptions within the same group and provide new keys to understanding the functioning of the group.

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The 360° tool

Our 360° tool can be fully customised to meet specific needs – the skills assessed can be modified, questions can be added, etc. This offers real versatility. We recommend the use of the 360° tool in combination with our other tools, allowing us to give greater understanding to the results revealed.

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