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EQ Tool

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Am I active in the domains of Emotional Intelligence?

How do they impact my decision-making and interactions with others?

Emotions have an influence on our decisions and our behaviours. Knowing how to become aware of your own emotional state is a first step towards more rational thinking. Detecting an individual’s emotional state and adapting to it also allows you to be more effective in your relationship with others.
The EQ (Emotional Quotient) tool provides keys to understanding these different possible emotional states and ultimately allows them to be better managed on a daily basis.


Personal development & professional effectiveness

EQ is the key differentiator in leadership where there is a floor in IQ and Skills. EQ can help you significantly improve your communication, your management of self, your interaction with others, and your decision-making process, by helping you take regulate your emotions and those of others.

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History and Theory

In the 1990s, Peter Salovey and John Mayer , two American academics, worked on an innovative concept: emotional intelligence . According to their research, an individual’s intelligence is no longer measured only by their intelligence quotient, but also by their emotions and the way they manage them .
Taken up and popularized by the American psychologist Daniel Goleman – who has devoted several works to this new concept – today there are several models dedicated to this idea of emotional intelligence.
Based on the various studies carried out, TTI Success Insights has developed a new tool which assesses this emotional quotient.
The EQ tool allows a better understanding of our emotions. It is an innate talent that can be developed. This is why our assessment also provides a concrete approach on how to put this knowledge into practice in our daily behaviours.

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