Michelle McDonagh – An Organisational Design Project

Nov 30, 2016Testimonials

Michelle McDonagh – Aspire HR

Michelle’s client was embarking on what at first looked like a recruitment process, but turned out to be a major Organisational Design project.  The organisation was expanding and two new senior role had to be created to support this.

The TTI Tools helped me offer a new solution to my clients and really complements what I bring to the table in terms of HR Experience and Knowledge so its not just my opinion is… the tools help validate it.”

These roles had not existed before and the challenge was to define each role, i.e. the key accountabilities, behaviours, motivators, competencies, acumen, etc. that superior performance in that role would require and how the roles and candidates would fit into the existing culture and team.

This is her story…

Ed Mulligan – Recruitment and on boarding process

Ed Mulligan – Recruitment and on boarding process

“I found the process extremely professional, from applying for the job right through to the on-boarding process. It was very beneficial, I know exactly where I have to go, where I’m starting and where I am finishing.” – Ed Mulligan

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