Stress Tool

Stress assessment

Measuring quality of life at work?

A term unfortunately more and more common in our time. More than a simple state of mind, it symbolizes a real malaise which can affect an individual, an entire team and even an organisation.

Our tool provides concrete elements where intervention can take place by responding to human issues in line with a corporate strategy.


Wellbeing in business

An essential concept, our assessment will allow you to identify potential sources of stress which damage the motivation and productivity of your teams.

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Stress management

The tool will allow you to provide advice and coaching on both individual and team profiles.

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Identifying sources of stress is essential for the proper functioning of a team.  This tool – developed by TTI Success Insights – makes it possible to identify seven different stress factors, allowing the development and implementation of a suitable intervention plan.



Demand stress resulting from poor job definition, excessive workload, etc.


Meaning – Satisfaction

Stress linked to the balance between efforts and rewards generated by the feeling of not being rewarded fairly as compared to the effort made.


Autonomy - Responsibility

Stress linked to lack of control due to too much responsibility placed on one’s shoulders, or an inability to control one’s environment.


Organizational Change

The stress linked to organizational change brought by the effects of restructuring, or a change in leadership style.



Stress linked to how one is managed, resulting from excessive pressure being placed on the individual.


Employment Security

Job security stress resulting from increased fear of losing one’s job.


Social Support

Stress related to lack of support.

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