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Participants simply pre-pay for 5 of the assessment they are being trained in, to be used in their business within the following 6 months. This approach is designed to remove any barrier to taking the training and encourage new members to use the assessments while the learning is fresh, reinforcing that learning and helping them find the appropriate “place” for the TTISII tools in their offering.

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REALISE Organisational Potential by REVEALING and RELEASING Human Potential.

Hire the right talent, engage current staff and advance high potentials, based on critical success factors and/or performance indicators of the job.  Grow your client base and add an additional revenue stream by working with people focused corporations to maximise their performance. Develop the confidence and competence to deliver superior client results and justify premium fees.

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I got great value from the TTISI certification training. Padraig is committed to helping each student grow as a business person as well as ensuring they fully understand and learn the tools. The training was in depth and by the time we were finished I was confident using the tools with my coaching clients.

– Ciara Conlon, High Performance Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author

Our most popular training courses


Combination Certification Training

TTI Success Insights Ireland offers three Certification Training Programmes.

Each of the three Certification Trainings stands alone but require the preceding part to be completed first.

There is no requirement to do subsequent trainings after either the first or second training. The intention is that people can do the certification trainings at a place, pace and price that suits them.



Our foundation training covers the Three Sciences (hence TriMetrix) of Behaviours (DISC), Motivators (Driving Forces) and Competencies, plus Benchmarking and some other useful tools.

2. Emotional Intelligence


Adds EQ and its combination with Behaviours and Driving Forces to your tool kit, plus Stress Quotient and 360 Feedback. As an EQ Analyst you will be able to help people better understand themselves and others and actively apply the principles of emotional intelligence to regulate their interactions for success

3. Axilogy


Adds Axiology, a final science that integrates with the previous sciences. As an Acumen Analyst you will be able to dive deep into a person’s clarity and depth of perception externally and internally and their acumen capacity and judgment. Find out more.


WHy professionals PARTNER WITH tti

TTISII works with professionals like yourself, who want science-based tools to help them improve human performance and maximise their organisation’s/client’s greatest asset: their people talent.

TTISII wants to help individuals, teams and organisations realize their potential and become all they can be, through our network of accredited professionals, by revealing and releasing potential, utilising world class psychometric assessments and associated tools and interventions, to achieve success across all the critical areas of talent management, for organisations, big and small, by recruiting, onboarding, developing, and retaining talent, thereby improving morale, performance, productivity, and profitability, for your clients and organisations.


  • Hire and promote fully engaged people through the power of competency benchmarking and measurement, to match role and cultural requirements and individuals more effectively, thereby enhancing capacity for superior performance and results.


  • Build high performing leaders and teams through enhanced emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, communications, personal accountability, and self-management, through individual and team coaching and training programmes.


  • Manage performance to drive results, through role specific key accountabilities and competency-based development plans.



“In working with CEOs, Managing Partners and other senior leaders and executives to support them in growing their businesses, I was keen to work more on helping them better understand themselves and their impact on others.  Through completing the TTI Success Insights certification training I now have a fantastic toolkit of psychometric assessments at my disposal that can bring immediate, game-changing impact to me and my clients.  Padraig makes the learning easy, enjoyable and participative and shares access to his amazing bank of thought leadership material and insights built up over many years as part of the programme.  I strongly recommend this programme to any coaches, trainers or HR specialists who want to bring globally recognised psychometric testing to their clients as part of their work”. Derek Howard

Derek Howard CEO - 'The Customer'

“I have wanted to become certified in psychometric testing for a number of years, as I knew it would be of help with my clients. Having completed my training with TTI Success Insights Ireland, I now see the value of the programme both professionally and personally. It allowed me to take some time out and concentrate on my own personal development, which we should all do from time to time.  Given the number of personal reports I received as part of my training the true cost of this program is just a fraction of the ticket price. Padraig is very knowledgeable and his training style is very impactful. This will be the best investment you make in both you and your business.”

John Nelligan - Business Doctors

I found the TTI SI Ireland online certification course while looking for assessment tools that I could apply to my new executive and team coaching practice.  I had no idea that I would be getting that and so much more!  The breadth and depth of the course was extraordinary, as was Padraig’s engaging teaching style. 

I truly understand how to interpret and coach for insight and positive change with these tools, and now also understand how powerful these tools are when used as a cross-science, comprehensive assessment toolkit – they can be used for individual and team coaching, but are also an indispensable toolkit throughout the employee lifecycle, from job benchmarking and hiring, through employee onboarding, development, succession planning, etc. 

And I was pleased to discover that the TTI SI assessments can provide a financially rewarding business model for coaching – I have already landed a client based on the TTI SI assessments that will earn back my tuition many times over.  

Access to a wealth of additional, specific workshops and coaching tools (Consultative Selling, Communication Competencies, Habits, etc.) is also included, presenting further guidance for coaching and coaching engagement sales opportunities.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough

David Shepard - Coach

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