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After this Certification Training  you will have the qualifications, the skills and confidence needed to use the TTI Success Insights suite of Psychometric Assessments successfully in the workplace.

Course Overview


Perception, commonly known as acumen, identifies how a person thinks within three dimensions: feeling, doing, and thinking.

After this Certification Training you will have the qualifications, the skills and confidence needed to use the TTI Success Insights suite of Psychometric Assessments successfully in the workplace.

As an Acumen Analyst you will be able to dive deep into a person’s clarity and depth of perception externally and internally and their acumen capacity and judgment.

More Information

Entry Requirements:  Each of the three Certification Trainings stands alone but requires the preceding part to be completed first.  

The order is:

1. TriMetrixDNA

2. TriMetrixEQ

3. TriMetrixHD

There is no requirement to do subsequent trainings after either the first or second training. 

Programmes and Tools

Take your career and organization to the next level of success by becoming a Certified Professional Acumen Analyst (CPAA). 

A person’s Acumen, or their clarity or understanding of a situation is directly related to their judgment, problem solving ability, ability to respond rationally to situations, make balanced decisions and consequently their performance at both a personal and business level. 

Acumen (or a person’s keenness and depth of perception) looks at how we think and see ourselves and the world around us. TTI SI’s Acumen Indicators can be considered a lens that people use to filter information: do they process events from a system standpoint, a task standpoint or a people standpoint?  Do they see themselves and the world clearly through the three dimensions of thought and are the three dimensions balanced?  The three dimensions are Systemic (Theoretical), Extrinsic (Practical) and Intrinsic (Personal).

The TriMetrix Training explores how to integrate acumen and the other Sciences. You can measure and combine a person’s ‘What’ i.e. what they have been recognized for in Business  (25 Competencies); their ‘How’, their Behavioural Characteristics (12); their ‘Why’ Driving Forces (12); and their Acumen Capacity. This ensures you have a more complete understanding of human performance.

TriMetrix is a system that is objective and an easy to understand process for enhancing any people based assets. It’s a straightforward method for comparing, matching or developing a person or group of people for a specific job. It provides critical Information for any recruiting, training, coaching or development process.

    Course Content and Delivery

    TriMetixHD, delivered over 4 weeks:

    1. Setup session:  A 2-hour zoom session introducing everyone and outlining the programme, modus operandi, etc. Participants complete the Acumen Capacity Index psychometric assessments and receive their report.
    2. Zoom based training:  A 4-hour group training using slide decks, discussion and skills practice with a trainer.  (There are 2 of these zoom sessions).
    3. Debriefing:  You will be debriefing your own ACI report and that of a partner from the group, who will in turn debrief your report.
    4. Group Debrief:  There are two 1-hour sessions with trainer to see how everyone is getting on with the debriefing and share learning.
    5. 1:1 Coaching:  A 30-minute session is available with the trainer over the duration of the programme, or shortly afterwards, for support on aspects of the training as required by the participant.
    6. Home Learning:  At the end of each Zoom based training session participants will be given assignments.  It will always follow this model – Debrief own report – Set up partner debrief and debrief partners report – Show up for the group debrief session with insights and learning – Schedule 1:1 session with the trainer if required.
    7. Time input:  Anticipate an hour a day of study/work for the duration of the training, in addition to the zoom training sessions (4 hours) and group debrief sessions (1 Hour).
    8. These sessions will be recorded so that you can review them afterwards and work at a pace that suits you.

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      TriMetrixHD Certification Training

      Location: Online Blended Learning
      Course Duration: 6 weeks | Next Training Starts: 12th January 2021
      Price: €1150 (or €950 paid in full before start date
      or €750 as part of 3 Certification Bundle)
      Payment Plan: By Arrangement


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