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Nov 7, 2018DISC, Human Resources, Recruitment & Selection

The Society for Human Resource Management found that employee turnover can reach 50% in those first vulnerable eighteen months of taking up a job offer.


This is bad news for Recruiters. Any recruiter I know worth their salt, values their reputation highly and has worked long and hard to achieve it. Recruitment is a time consuming process. You have benchmarked the role, designed the ad, screened the candidates, interviewed the candidates and eventually the ideal candidate has been identified and offered the job. From close analysis it appears that the critical point in the hiring process is actually the handoff from Recruiter to the Business.


This is the piece where it can all go wrong for the recruiter, your reputation and your candidate. If the process goes smoothly the candidate feels confident and excited about taking on their new role and is fully engaged. Any delay in the handover leaves your candidate with a negative Candidate experience impacting badly on how they view the new company, their immediate ‘on the job’ performance and your Client’s bottom line. Even worse if they are not on-boarded correctly, will they feel unsatisfied and search for a more fulfilling job?


Gallup Statistics prove that only 12% of employees strongly agree their organisation does a great job of on-boarding new employees.-  Gallup Report On-boarding


This failure to onboard has a major impact on the quality of the relationship that the employee builds with the company and thus their subsequent performance. So what if there was an easy way to keep your reputation intact and do an even better job for your client and candidate? Employee on-boarding is a crucial process that all organisations need to implement fully and effectively.


The Corporate Leadership Council found that employees increased their work output by 20% when they have experienced a good quality on-boarding programme.


The Society for Human Resource Management found that employee turnover can be reach 50% in those first vulnerable eighteen months of taking up a job offer.   SHRM estimates the cost of losing a new hire at up to 6-9 months of the candidate’s salary. Isn’t it worth going the extra mile and on-boarding your new candidate successfully?


When a candidate makes the transition to employee, the on-boarding programme should reflect the excitement that they feel for this new role. Starting a new job is an anxious time and supporting a candidate through this process is vital to their success. Your reputation depends upon it.


What can you as a recruiter do about it?




I’d like you to take a moment to imagine the following. What if your job didn’t end with filling the role? What if you began on-boarding during the recruitment phase? What type of a difference would that make to your business? Higher fees? Better stickiness with your client?


Bear in mind that you have already communicated the employee brand to the Candidate, discussing the culture and goals. You have established a good working relationship with your Candidate and built trust. You can now partner with HR to help transition your Candidate to valued Employee making sure that all expectations agreed upon are met.

Begin with these simple steps


At TTI Success Insights Ireland, we find Triad Debriefing very effective. Because you have done your Recruitment the scientific way using a Job Benchmark, you have the Candidate’s TriMetrix report including their Behaviours, Workplace Motivators, Job Competencies and Potential.


Without any extra effort you can do a Triad debrief with the Candidate and their Team Leader where both persons reports are debrief together. TTI SI also have a comparison report where you can see the two people’s reports side by side. This visual is very powerful in assisting understanding.


This facilitates the the Team Leader understanding the new Candidate, their strengths, possible weaknesses and how they communicate and work effectively. It also allows for the Candidate to get to understand the personality of their Manager. This is a step not to be skipped at any cost as Gallup and HBR research has shown that the number one reason employees leave companies is due to a poor relationship with their superior.


Secondly using the Candidate’s profile and the Job benchmark, you can produce a Gap Report which shows the critical areas the candidate needs to work on. From this you produce a uniquely tailored Development Plan from the TTI system. The Team lead and new employee work together to agree on next steps for coaching or training and development.


The Making good at work research project stated that Millennials value learning beyond other generations. In fact they are the most educated generation in the workforce. In order to keep them engaged we must be rigorous in beginning a training plan with them at on-boarding and implementing it.


Thirdly, use the human touch. The first months will be the real testing ground for whether your Candidate stays and performs or leaves. By checking in with them and partnering with HR you are setting them up for being star performers in their new position.



Final thoughts


With TTI’s integrated system, partnering in on-boarding is easy. It also develops client stickiness, bringing additional value to the client before and after recruiting. The additional benefit for you is that the client will not hesitate in using your services the next time around.


We believe in people potential and empowering our Associates. We want to begin with you. Check out our online guide to “Hiring the Best Employees Every Time” for the process. Please contact if you would like to learn more about On-boarding in your Recruitment.



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