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How Employee Experience Leads to a Highly Productive Workforce

We believe in order to create engagement, employers need to move beyond believing that experience is all about extra benefits at work such as Massages Mondays and Pool Tables. Real employee experience begins with meaningful work. What can your organisation do to create meaningful work for your people? What can you do to make your people feel connected and to feel like they belong and they trust you? Isn’t this what Experience is all about?


  How does DISC compare to MBTI? This is a common question many people have asked us over the years.   There are many different angles to consider, as both tools are used frequently in organizations, but in different ways. In this article, we will answer some of the...

Podcast – Building Authentic Empathy

Recently Padraig spoke with Dale Dixon on the complete leader podcast. Host Dale Dixon interviews Business Coach and Strategist Padraig Berry, who is the CEO of One Focus Business Consultants and TTI Success Insights Ireland. On today's episode, Dale and Padraig...

What Does It Take To Excel In Sales?

So many people explore the world of sales, yet only a select few can make a successful career out of it. What are some of the prerequisites needed to excel in this highly competitive field? We may be able to uncover hints about those who have the best chance for success by looking at characteristics such as behaviours and motivators.

What if your Training was made fool- proof using Science?

What if your Training was made fool- proof using Science? What if you could actually measure results?
Science allows you to be a more effective Trainer – helping others understand themselves.When you train people in self knowledge, you are empowering them to understand themselves, their communication styles and their wants. They can understand themselves better at work, at home and they know why they get frustrated in situations. They can work on behavioural change with the first stage being awareness, beginning in the Training room and filtering out to the organisation. Do not underestimate the power of a common language. 

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