A Global Leader in Reliability and Accuracy

A company that values continually improving its assessment business wants to ensure that its instruments are validated and predictable.

Validated by over 30 years of science and research from Target Training International, we are committed to constantly improving our assessments. Data norming and rigorous data analysis conducted by internal research teams and independent statisticians help ensure our assessments are the most reliable and accurate tools in the marketplace.

This analysis assures you that the assessments you use fulfill not only your requirements, but also those expected by the market.

“Given the rise of assessment use in pre-hiring, employee development and retention purposes, TTI SI finds it prudent to regularly evaluate its suite of assessments as management and HR leaders make key decisions on behalf of organizations.”

–Dr. Ron Bonnstetter
Sr. Vice President of Research and Development,
TTI Success Insights

Reliable Around the World

Our latest study solidifies our position as the research-driven leader in assessment reliability. A 2015 independent study, conducted by Delwyn L. Harnisch, Ph.D., affirmed the reliability and efficacy of TTI Success Insights’ Style Insights® and Motivation Insights® assessments.

To ensure the highest accuracy for the study, Harnisch studied assessments in not only English, but also in other native languages in which TTI SI’s assessments are offered.


Style Insights® 2015 Reliability Study


Motivation Insights® 2015 Reliability Study

Neurological Research

With the goal of continuous improvement, TTI SI has expanded its assessment research to include the neurological basis of decision-making and the implications this has for our assessments. The result has been nothing short of amazing.

Since 2011, TTI SI has gained insights into how humans process information and as a result, have improved our assessments in ways never before dreamed possible. Our cutting edge Prefrontal Cortex Gamma Asymmetry research is impacting ipsative assessments and appraisal research protocols worldwide. We have uncovered the role of aversion in decisions, the value of native tongue translations, the power of what we do NOT want and much-much more.

To better understand the science behind the Science of Self®, please feel free to download and read some or all of our ongoing behavioral neurology research peer reviewed and related white papers.

TTI SI not only offers the best collection of multiple science assessments, we are uncovering the causes and not just exposing the symptoms. The best offer more than just great products, they fully understand why they are the best.

Noted Neurological Research Papers

Uncovering the Belief Behind the Action
Neurocounseling: Bridging Brain and Behavior

The Value of EEG-Based Electromagnetic Tomographic Analysis in Human Performance and Mental Health

Frontal Gamma Asymmetry in Response to Soft Skills Stimuli: A Pilot Study

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