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Our solutions provide measurable impact to your people and your business.

Tangible Results

Over thirty years, we’ve helped more than 100,000 companies improve the lives and productivity of their employees, organizations and management teams.

These results are real, impactful and powerful.

After working with a Value Added Associates and using TTI SI assessments, businesses and individuals experience:

  • Better communication
  • Hiring accuracy; elimination of bad hires
  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved productivity
  • Better workplace engagement
  • Better job fit
  • Increased sales training and effectiveness
  • Improved management effectiveness
  • Effective development of high potential employees
  • Reduction of destructive stress

Our Data Goes DEEP

Using predictive analytics, our assessments provide data to help our customers understand themselves, their teams and then to perform at optimal levels. The data is customized to your company, to your people and tells the story of your unique culture.

Individualized and custom group reports provide deep insight into the people who make up your organization.

It’s information that scientifically reveals potential and transforms it to performance.

Over thirty years, we’ve helped more than 100,000 companies improve the lives and productivity of their employees, organisations and management teams.

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Client Testimonials

I completed my TTI Success Insights certification in Dec 18. For anyone considering getting a qualification in a suite of psychometric tool in one course and certification programme I would highly recommend TTI. The course is based on gaining confidence in the tools though practical application, whether it be for executive coaching, recruitment, leadership development, succession planning or talent management.

As the facilitator knows your psychometric profiles (Behaviours, Driving Forces, Competencies and Emotional Intelligence) from the outset, she can tailor the pace of the training programme to your individual preference, so each participant effectively gets a bespoke version of the programme. I like to approach new projects in a structured, step by step systematic way and although this was not the facilitator’s natural profile, she quickly adapted to support me though the programme.

When you begin administrating the tools though the TTI portal, technical support from TTI is always available at the end of a phone and if it was anything more complex, i.e. system issue, their colleagues in the US are very quick to respond.

As you work though practically applying the tools, you can take the 3 open book exams when you feel you have built up confidence in the tools and at the time that best suits you. This type of flexibility & support was invaluable to me when I was juggling the many aspects of a busy life, and busy job with the challenging of learning new skills. 

I now use the TTI psychometric tools on a regular basis for recruitment and selection and for one to one and team coaching and I can truly say that it was money very well spent!

– Maura Hurley, Belgard Solicitors

Psychometrics are a core tool we utilise at TAB in how our Peer Boards operate. I reviewed all the systems around and ultimately selected the TTI system, because it was the most validated, most comprehensive, easy to communicate. Of the hundreds of TAB Business Owners around the world, our Irish Facilitators are among the most qualified due to the excellent support of TTI in Ireland. The TTI DEAP system enables our members to communicate at Boards more effectively, and accelerates understanding, conflict resolution and assists in all aspects of talent acquisition and development. It’s a tool that no business should be without.

We are in the business of helping leaders and their organisations to perform at a higher level. The suite of TTI SI solutions has allowed me to add a further layer of understanding of those leaders and the people that are part of their organisations. When developing performance, understanding the people is key, therefore, the TTI SI solutions are now a key component of my business for the added layers of clarity that they bring.

I thoroughly enjoyed the certification training and process. I learned a lot about myself in doing this. Following on from the training, post-certification, the support I have received in terms of continued learning, further understanding and application in my business has been outstanding.

Becoming a certified TTI Success Insights user has undoubtedly added real value to my business by virtue of the applications of use, the ease of use and technical excellence that these tools represent.

The tools are excellent. There is a very good variety with many applications for use. The reports are detailed and, in my experience, very accurate. My clients are getting big benefits across talent management spectrum as a result of the TTI tools. The tools have allowed me to add further dimensions and greater depth to the work I do with client organisations. As a result of this, the outcomes are better and client engagement is better. For me, the most important tool is the role benchmark process. This allows my clients to hire the RIGHT people for the role and their culture. It is a process and tools that bring clarity to the recruitment process. Recruitment is a challenge for many businesses; role benchmarking is a key solution to this challenge. This makes the challenges further down the talent management value chain a far easier task.

– PJ Timmins, The Alternative Board (TAB)

The process and support were totally professional, personal and with clarity from day one. TTISII actioned all follow ups swiftly and basically got the job done to a high level of professionalism with great results.

It brought a much better understanding of how you think about your own role, your business and what the needs of the business really are and set up the appropriate plans to achieve these. It brought clarity of what our needs are and clinically targeted those needs with a scientific and human approach that combined to help plan our strategy of where we need to be.

It is a process that requires an investment of time and money but the results are there to see. Immediate benefit has been the excellent recruitment process that has eliminated poor recruitment decisions, a significant and major benefit that cannot be underestimated. It emphasised the need to develop high potential employees through this process to allow them to excel in their role. It has brought an understanding of where the gaps are in our organisation. In addition it has emphasised the need to match core talents with each role. The extra value will increase in time with the right calibre of staff being recruited and developed as we regrow the business.

– Damien Chesser,  Construction Company CEO

A client (2nd generation family business) with circa 150 staff were ready to hire a non family member Director and used TTI tools in the selection process to improve accuracy of the hire and remove any bias they might have towards internal candidates they knew versus external they didn’t know. They found the process very insightful and helped them to make a selection with a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. This allowed open dialogue and a support plan to be agreed before the person started. It also influenced how responsibility would be divided amongst other Directors to accommodate the new skill set. This has been a very successful hire since. 

Subsequently I used tools on another Senior manager to help improve performance and map out a career pathway within the company. The tools were a great add on service for me in this scenario.

– Michelle McDonagh, Aspire HR

I can give you an example of a client who has grown for 10 staff to 40, from turnover of €500,000 to €6,000,000 and would never never recruit any person to their business without the TTI  competency process – Benchmarking roles, profile candidates and prepare a gap report.

They always apply the system and it never fails them… always competency based recruitment for every role in the organisation.

– Imelda Butler, Century Management

As Chief Operating Officer for the organisation, incremental performance improvement is key. The various TTI tools help us to achieve this through smarter hiring and a good framework for the development of our existing team. The certification training that TTI use is a great way to learn – a small number of like-minded people in the same room learning together. Practice, practice, practice – no better way to learn than debriefing your own reports – a great way to better understanding yourself – and debriefing another 5 people through all the sciences – Behaviours, Driving Forces, Competencies, Emotional Intelligence and others. There’s literally no hiding place! The course notes are good, the online files, presentations and videos, for me are great. I particularly found the short videos a great way to improve my knowledge and understanding in preparing for the first de-briefings.

An integral part of our talent development strategy going forward it’s brought a level of consistency to our people development processes that was perhaps missing previously. We had pockets of excellence prior, we now have best practice spreading out across the organisation. A really good basis for healthy conversations about performance improvement.

– Jonathan Kay, COO

As the company grew it tried recruiting using the usual means with mixed results. Our CEO met TTI through The Complete Leader programme and being extremely impressed with the concepts , he decided to get his entire management team exposed to this new way of self-discovery, managing self and others and being the leaders.

The core of this new mantra being, don’t profile people first, profile the roles first. We started to get more and more involved in the science of re-discovering our own self, learning to decipher our own management / leadership style, controlling bad behaviour and learning to co-ordinate and push in the same direction as a team, at the same time making sure we can clearly identify and articulate the missing role profiles in the organisation and creating a portrait of how the suitable candidate will look like in core skill sets, key deliverables, behaviours, and motivatiors, etc.

As a result the size of the team grew from 6 to 32 within 2 years. We conducted psychometric testing for new candidates as well as the current team in the office. TTI trainings were conducted for majority of the members in ABM, and the result was a new understanding of other’s behaviours, their motivatiors, etc.

Managers were able to conduct a one on one sessions with team members, discussing and reviewing the career goals, aspirations, charting the career paths and trainings – helping employees achieve their true potential which contributed towards a better, more collaborative environment.

The team size now needs to go to 400 within years, but with this toolset at our disposal our management and our team can see how those future roles will look like, how they are going to fit in the current setup, how the communication will flow from one roles to another and most importantly, we are clear how all this is going to help us reach our common goal.

– Harvinder Singh, ABM Data Systems

I’ve found the Insights suite of assessment tools and related reports very helpful. Not only do they provide excellent insights to the individual, we’ve found them to be a very effective sales tool. When discussing programmes with potential clients we are always looking for ways to differentiate our offerings to those of other organisations. This is where the TTI suite of assessments has proved to be extremely beneficial. We can demonstrate how the training provided will be focused and will assist the individual in applying learning to their workplace. This of course is very important to clients: they need fast and effective application of learning from a training programme to the workplace. The assessment tools greatly assist us with this.

LEAP have worked extensively with a large hotel group for a number of years. We are always conscious of the need to provide something different, something that facilitates learning and understanding, something that captures the interest and attention of both participants and managers. This approach to all our programmes has assisted us in building customer loyalty.

With this customer loyalty we’ve been able to work with the client and enhance the programmes further and as a result are often the “go-to” provider for management development. This strategic approach to embedding ourselves in an organisation has been critical to our success. This successful relationship also provided us with a strong case study for us to use with other potential clients resulting in new sales. We view the TTI assessments as an important enhancement to our programmes and a sales tool for us to maximise.

– Tricia Cunningham, LEAP Leadership


I use the TTI suite of assessment with people from cross functional teams.

The tools give them a common language to relate to and work towards understanding each other better. Starting with the individuals using TTI assessments which are visually easy to connect with, drawing the understanding and learning from the reports to identify new and some known awareness of how they show up at meetings and in other interactions, bringing this new learning to the impact interactions and events have on them and then group sessions with all participants to make sense for those that had challenges communicating effectively in the past.

Overall, the common language that the reports provide is a big help to people more deeply understanding themselves and the impact they have on others.

– Fiona Rowley, Coach

We have ambitious plans to grow over the next years, and finding and keeping the right talent in our company is key to our success. We had worked with TTI tools over the last couple of years to fill some key management positions, and found the insight gained through deploying TTI invaluable.

The right people in the right seats sounds easy, but unless you are using psychometric tools and learn more about the person in front of you, you can never be quite sure. Recently we decided that we will use TTI tools to benchmark every job in our company and to design development plans for every employee working with us.

I am personally committed to lead this effort from the front and have therefore completed the TTI Certification recently, which will enable us to move ahead with our plans in an even more sustained way.

– Volker Lorenz, COO

The certification training provided by TTI Success Insights was excellent.

Getting time to understand, use and learn each of the tools was really insightful and gave me the confidence to start using the tools straight away. Firstly understanding my own profile helped me to be flexible when working with other peoples profiles, I was able to tailor the coaching of each persons report to the behaviours and motivators of the each member of our team.

Introducing the DEAP model gave our team a vision for where we are going and how we were going to use these tools to increase team engagement, productivity, sales and to help develop our company culture, making sure that each person was sitting on the right seat of our company bus.

Going through the process was really beneficial to our team because firstly each member of our team got to understand themselves better, they became aware of how their behaviours and driving forces impacts on their performance and also how both of these can both positively and negatively impacts their team-mates.

Benchmarking each person’s job role brought clarity around the role that each person plays on our team and going through this process helped people to see where we were wasting a lot of precious time doing tasks that were not necessary and that were not going to drive our business forward.

Before we started this process we completed an Employee Engagement Survey and then 6 months later we did the survey again and the results were extremely positive. Employee engagement increased by 28%. The areas we saw the biggest increase were clear communication, recognised for strong job performance and clarity around our vision for the future Completing gap reports for our full team (our training needs analysis was done automatically) enabled us to plan specific training and coaching for each person. In the past our whole team completed the training which was time wasted because members of our team already had some of the competencies.

The training plan for the year has been designed to close the gaps TTI Success Insights tools enabled me to be specific, they gave me (and my team) back more time, more clarity and now we are all focused on becoming as successful a high performing team as we can, where everyone knows the important role they play. Communication has improved right across the company and we now have a very specific training and coaching plan for the year. All of this has given me time to focus on what is most important, driving our company forward.

– Paddy Moran, Sign and Digital

I got great value form the TTISI certification training. Padraig is committed to helping each student grow as a business person as well as ensuring they fully understand ad learn the tools. The training was in depth and by the time we were finished I was confident using the tools with my coaching clients.

– Ciara Conlon, High Performance Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author

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