Compliance Isn’t Commonplace

Our products are safe to use by national and international standards because we’ve invested the time and resources necessary in more than three decades of research. You are assured TTI SI assessments are just as legally sound as they are accurate and effective.

A 2014 study concluded there is no evidence to suggest that any TTI SI assessments could have an adverse impact with regard to gender, race, disability or veteran status. All subgroups were EEOC compliant, well within the guideline of 80 percent, and well within the first standard deviation from the population mean.

We continue to research, validate and verify our assessments.

“There is nothing in the law that says you must hire an inferior candidate. The law simply states that you, and any of the systems you use, cannot discriminate against the protected group(s). We provide you with a system for hiring that does not allow typical human biases to enter into the process.”

–Bill J. Bonnstetter, TTI Success Insights Chairman
“Hiring Superior Performers Safely Under the Law”



Under the Disparate Impact rule, an employer may not use an employment practice that, even though neutral on its face and applied to all applicants or employees, disproportionately excludes members of a protected category.

TTI SI’s assessments were found not to exclude any protected category, allowing users of our assessments to identify the best individuals for the job, as part of their hiring process.



TTI SI’s products are non-discriminatory and are fully EEOC compliant. Our complete and comprehensive Adverse Impact Study validates the use of assessments within employment practices.

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