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Build a successful business in 12 months.


For over 30 years we have been partnering with trainers, coaches and consultants around the globe to help grow their business. We are not a training or consulting company – we are an assessment company!  This means that all of our resources are dedicated to help our partners market, sell and implement assessment-based talent management solutions.  Your success is our success.

About this programme

The programme is based on our practical experience building successful professional service businesses.  The elements are Positioning, Plan, Pipeline, Process, Product, People and  Profit. The aim is to help you build a sticky, sustainable and scalable business with predictable, recurring income.

The main Models we use are 

  • the One Focus ONEThing Plan – based around the work of Jim Collins (Good to Great), Simon Sinek (Start with Why), Gary Keller (The One Thing), Verne Harnish (Scaling Up), David Allen (Getting Things Done) and Mahan Khalsa, (Let’s get real or let’s not play) – amongst others
  • elements of The Odyssey Programme by Imelda Butler
  • and our own practical experience in building a successful pipeline.
Our Mission
Our goal is to help our distributors build sticky, sustainable and scalable businesses.  

We want all our distributors to be competent in the use of TTI tools.

We also want them to be able to actually build a business.  Our experience has been that many distributors are subject matter experts in their field (recruitment, training, HR, coaching, consulting, etc.) but lack the knowledge, skills and tools to actually build and maintain a successful professional services business.  

Our programmes are designed to address these deficiencies.  The deliverable is a successful sustainable business up and running in 12 months.

Who is this course for?
We train people how to build and scale their business and add huge value to their clients using our Build Your Business Tools and Models and our TTI Complete Talent Management System.  

This programme is designed for Training Professionals, Recruitment Consultants, HR Consultants, Coaches and Business Consultants  (Professional people in Professional Services).  This course is only run in conjunction with TTI certification, not as a stand alone programme.

Course Duration
The course is delivered over 6 months,  on a one-to-one basis.
This programme provides you with the skillset to significantly expand your business and add value to your clients.  There is no exam, however you will be asked to submit your OneThing Plan as you develop it.  You will also have reading and exercises to complete.


*Programmes now run monthly. Please enquire below to find out more.

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