TTI TriMetrix HD Training Programme

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Why not take your career and organization to the next level of success by becoming a Certified Professional Acumen Analyst (CPAA)

Our TriMetrix Training explores how to integrate all our Sciences. You can measure and combine a person’s ‘What’ i.e. what they have been recognized for in Business  (25 Competencies); their ‘How’, their Behavioural Characteristics (12); their ‘Why’ Driving Forces (12); and their Acumen Capacity. This ensures you have a more complete understanding of human performance.

About the course
What can TriMetrix do for you?

  • TriMetrix is a system that is objective and an easy to understand process for enhancing any people based assets.
  • It’s a straightforward method for comparing, matching or developing a person or group of people for a specific job.
  • It provides critical Information for any recruiting, training, coaching or development process.

This course is delivered over 2 days online, after completing TTI Science of Self ‘Boot Camp’. Each day starts at 9:30am and finishes at 4:30

*We can deliver it in house upon request.

Who is it for?
These certifications help differentiate your business and are ideal for Recruitment Consultants, Training Professionals, HR Leaders, Coaches and Business Consultants.


*Programmes now delivered online.

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