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10 Powerful Tips to Negotiate Effectively as a Leader

Negotiation a really important leadership skill because we need to optimise our relationships inside our organisation, with our customers or vendors. We do this by developing the ability to explore and to identify what everybody wants and by creating new solutions that satisfy everybody’s interests so it’s not compromise, it’s really what we call synergism- where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

How to develop presenting skills for leaders

Presenting skills are vital for effective leaders. As Dale Dixon from The Complete Leader points out, in our current climate of 124 character Tweets and short and snappy LinkedIn posts, our way of communicating is changing.

How to develop competencies and improve your planning skills

I have received a lot of questions from people around how to develop your competencies, so I would like to share some insights in this week’s blog. When we talk about developing a competency, we propose that you define the competency as clearly as you possibly can. Think about how you can improve it, develop it and work on it.

What is the best leadership development programme in Ireland? The Complete Leader

Understanding yourself is the first step on the leadership journey. One thing I’ve always noticed about great leaders is that they are skilled at managing themselves and their relationships with others. Understand that if you’re the kind of person who leans forward all the time, don’t let yourself stop thinking about the future. Because if you do, you will fall on your face.

7 easy ways to improve your futuristic thinking skills

When people have new, original and out-there ideas they are so often surrounded by small-minded people who poo-poo their visions. As Henry Ford reportedly said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. Futuristic thinkers can imagine and predict changes that others don’t see. They look beyond current circumstances and realities and envision their lives the way they’d like them to turn out.

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