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Leaders here’s how to increase your Business Results by 21%

People possess more capability than they are currently expressing. Ordinary people as we’ve seen from the story above achieve extraordinary things under pressure. What if crisis is not the only catalyst? According to John Whitmore’s Coaching for Performance, some of this potential can be accessed and sustained through Coaching. Read our Simple Leaders Guide to Employee Development & Coaching.

Stop Blaming and Shaming to be Successful

Is your Team and bottom line suffering as a result of your lack of Personal Accountability?
Personal Accountability is the key ingredient. If we want to be a leader of character, we must embrace this competency. We must quit making excuses, re-establish our integrity and like Harry S. Truman place a sign on our desk that says ‘Let the “Buck Stop Here.’
We show you how to get Personally Accountable and back on track to Leadership success.

Stop doing this immediately if you want to be a successful leader

As a leader and in your companies this Growth mindset translates to being comfortable with feedback, accepting and admitting failure, collaborating rather than competing and learning from your mistakes. We see your Growth Mindset as an essential part of the Competency Continuous Learning. If you’re not quite there yet, we will show you how.

The Painful Hidden Cost of Conflict and how to escape it

The tangible things that impact the bottom line are what we focus on. A drop in Sales, a ineffective Product, we have hard data to hand and we move into action. What do we do when it’s difficult to quantify, such as understanding how much conflict actually costs us? Let’s find out and face this corrosive and costly issue head on…

10 Powerful Tips to Negotiate Effectively as a Leader

Negotiation a really important leadership skill because we need to optimise our relationships inside our organisation, with our customers or vendors. We do this by developing the ability to explore and to identify what everybody wants and by creating new solutions that satisfy everybody’s interests so it’s not compromise, it’s really what we call synergism- where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

How to develop presenting skills for leaders

Presenting skills are vital for effective leaders. As Dale Dixon from The Complete Leader points out, in our current climate of 124 character Tweets and short and snappy LinkedIn posts, our way of communicating is changing.

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